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MJ Du Preez

MJ  Du Preez

Charity: Hlokomela

MJ holds a Diploma in Visual Communication and is currently busy with his Honours in Visual Communication. He is proficient in wide range of design fields, art and creative direction, drawing illustration, photography, print design and photo journalism. He is also an expert in Project management, development of marketing strategies, lecturing and has a long history of event planning.

He’ll be working as a Creative Marketing Coordinator at Hlokomela for the next year.

The Mopani District, adjacent to Kruger National Park, is predominantly a fruit and game farming area with a large population of seasonal and migrant workers. Farms in the focus area usually employ only about 10-50 permanent workers but a large number of seasonal workers are employed during the picking season. Many of these seasonal workers are migrants from other areas of South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere in Southern Africa. Hlokomela currently provides services to workers and their families on 70 farms in the Hoedspruit community, including a number of employees on commercial game reserves in the area adjacent to Kruger National Park and elsewhere in the region.

An estimated 25 000 farm workers and their families benefit directly from Hlokomela 

MJ will be developing a range of social media strategies to create awareness under global funders about Hlokomela. 

He will also be responsible for the conceptualisation and creation of community murals that promote gender equality on local farms. MJ will be conceptualising billboards, comics and a range of print material to promote safe sex between migrant workers. He will be responsible to develop marketing strategies, advertising material and packaging design for their herb garden project and also have his hands full with event coordination.

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