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Maselotsha Mpahlele

Maselotsha Mpahlele

Charity: Dignity Dreams

Maselothsa will be working at Dignity Dreams as a PR and Marketing Manager. She holds a Diploma in Corporate Communications as a well as a BTech Degree in this field.  She gave up her position as an account manager in PR Relations to work for this cause.

It is estimated that millions of South African school girls miss at least 50 days of school every year, due to the lack of sanitary products.  Dignity Dreams have three main goals:

  1. To empower our school girls. 
    They deserve to enter womanhood with confidence and knowledge. They will continue to distribute their beautiful, feminine reusable sanitary towel packs to school girls in South Africa and SADC. Part of their promise is to disseminate information about Menstrual Health.
  2. Enabling small business:
    Currently there are 15 previously disadvantaged and unemployed women who sew Dignity Dreams pads and bags. These women ‘own’ their businesses because they don’t set targets on the units they make, but they undertake to purchase all their stock. Strict quality control measures are in place.
  3. Caring for our environment:
    Traditional sanitary towels and tampons are clogging up our landfills and polluting our environment. Dignity Dreams packs will last for 5 years. According to Food & Tress for Africa survey, they only use 17 trees per year.

Maselotsha’s task will be to develop and implement a strategic communications plan to provide better direction.   She will also be responsible for stakeholder liaison and getting more sponsors on board.

Her social media interaction will be aimed at upping numbers and also include more platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

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