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Lise Van Den Dool

Lise  Van Den Dool

Charity: U-Turn Homeless Ministries

Lise is a qualified Occupational Therapist. She is experienced in working with various population groups including vulnerable individuals who have crossed the law, people suffering from various psychiatric and social problems as well as those with substance disorders.

This is also Lise’s second year on the Vodacom Change the World programme.

U Turn aims to restore the self-worth and self-esteem of the adult street person by addressing their spiritual, physical and emotional needs. In doing so, they aim to help rehabilitate them back into society. 

Year 1 of Lise’s Vodacom Change the World project proved that it is possible to use Occupational Therapy to raise homeless people’s motivation and volition. All the early indicators show that the application of neuro-developmental and sensory stimulation on homeless people have positive effects on rehabilitation. 

In this, her second year, Lise will develop the use of OT in Phase 1 further, establishing a computer stimulation centre at U Turn. She would also like to see more homeless being rehabilitated into society. She will be launching a structured training programme for staff from other shelters to be able to apply the same methodology.


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Monday, 17th August 2015