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Jesse Naidoo

Jesse Naidoo

Charity: Uhambo Foundation

Jesse will be working as a programme manager at the Uhambo Foundation. He holds a Masters in Business Leadership, Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma in Electronic Engineering and is also the MD of his own NPO.

The Uhambo Foundation provides employment to the disabled. They’ve been focused on the development of a Uniform Referral Pathway for children and youth with disabilities in the Western Cape. Their community outreach programmes include disability support groups, disability champion programme and stakeholder groups.

They also facilitate income generating activities and poverty alleviation initiatives for people with disabilities, facilitate training for care givers, family members and health workers regarding the care management and rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

Jesse will be assisting the organisation within the Ecosystem to secure a minimum of 40 permanent jobs opportunities for people affected by disability working in inclusive open labour market facilities in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban within 12 months.

He will also be looking at creating opportunities, together with partners, to establish and support over 100 new micro-enterprises initiatives.

He would like to build on their initiative to secure a relationship based investor model to sustain growth capital required to increase the social impact of the ecosystem of social enterprises and NPOs within 12 months.

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