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Jenna-Lee Strugnell

Jenna-Lee  Strugnell

Charity: The Narrative Foundation

Jenna-Lee holds a BA (Psychology and English) as well as Psychology Honours. Jenna-Lee has been involved in community work for the last ten years. After spending time overseas she looks forward to sharing the skills that she has acquired with South African communities. Jenna-Lee recently received a bursary from the Dympna Meaney Women’s Leadership Development Fund which intends to connect women leaders from Latin America, Africa and Asia with skills building opportunities to strengthen their contribution to global human rights. Jenna-Lee will spend her year implementing the Tales of Turning project for the Narrative Foundation in Durban

The Narrative Foundation aims to strengthen social fabric in communities and to support community development activities. The Narrative Foundation promotes development on a personal and professional level as well as promoting development through story work. It also develops relational reflexivity through creative methods. Narrative Therapy recognises that people and communities have competencies and skills that can create local solutions to challenges. Narrative Therapy acknowledges that people are the experts of their own lives and storytelling is used as a form of action towards change.

Jenna-Lee’s project, Tales of Turning, will use Narrative Therapy techniques to identify the challenges that mothers are facing in South Africa. The project will facilitate a safe space where mothers can re-author the stories of their lives and delve into the hidden possibilities which are located within themselves. The Tales of Turning project aims to generate aspiration and confidence in mothers as well as to facilitate a space where they can identify their strengths and skills. The project goals include resource mapping and building links with other groups and agencies.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InFm5XvRno0

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