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Conn Bertish

Conn  Bertish

Charity: People Living with Cancer (PLWC)

Conn is an accomplished creative director from the advertising industry with a BSocSci Degree. He is a master copy writer and digital marketer.

Conn is also the survivor of a brain tumour and became very involved with People Living with Cancer (PLWC) through his illness.

PLWC was established in 2002 by Carl Liebenberg and Linda Greeff, both of whom are cancer survivors. In the formative years of the organisation the focus was on establishing a peer-to-peer cancer support program. Over time PLWC has developed a broader perspective and now finds its role as an umbrella organisation responsible for many cancer-related projects that find synergy in working together in a complementary and creative manner, overseen by a management group drawn from these projects.

Conn will focusing on optimising and increasing the online footprint and mobile offering using the connections and insights available. He also aims to generate brand partners from the advertising industry to support and broadcast the PLWC message through multiple media, integrated campaign thinking and branded content.

He hopes to triple the reach of the organisation within a year using creativity and partnerships to co-create projects that scale across the South African landscape empowering those who are most vulnerable and affected.

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