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Chrissie Van Niekerk

Chrissie  Van Niekerk

Charity: iThemba Projects

Chrissie holds a B Prim Ed (pre-primary), B Ed Psych and is an experienced pre-school teacher. She was also the principal of a pre-school.

She is based in Mpumuza and works as an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme Developer at iThemba Trust.  Their passion is to serve the people of Mpumuza and to give them a hope for the future through education, empowerment and new skills. They are particularly passionate about the new generation - the children and youth.

Their passion extends into two areas - the moral fibre of the youth and their education. They believe that if a new generation of men and women can step into adulthood with a high level of education and strong moral convictions, the community of Mpumuza will experience a new hope for a much brighter future.

Chrissie has helped set up an ECD Centre of Excellence in Sweetwaters to be a hub where local teachers and/or parents can borrow resources, see quality ECD modelled and gain mentoring and support.

She is also developing a curriculum that is not only used at the ECD centre of excellence but by surrounding creche teachers and parents.  The curriculum includes Grade R support material, support material for babies in creche and material for parent-child play groups.

Chrissie also conducts home visits to equip carers/parents with what they need to stimulate their children at home, as this area lacks an adequate number of ECD centres.

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