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Rosemary Alexander

Rosemary  Alexander

Charity: South African Guide Dogs Association

Rosemary, a qualified teacher who started her own real estate business, says that she joined the Vodacom Change the World volunteer programme because she wants to give back to society.

She is the project officer for the College of Orientation and Mobility for the South African Guide-Dogs Association in Gauteng. According to her, most South Africans with visual impairment are unable to keep and care for a guide dog.

Her project will focus on helping people with visual impairment become safely independent, through the College of Orientation and Mobility, without the use of guide dogs. Orientation & Mobility Practitioners are trained at the College and in turn teach those who are visually impaired to carry out the daily tasks of living, and to safely move within known and unknown environments, using the long cane.

Rosemary has previously been involved in the South African Guide-Dogs Association’s puppy raising programme.

Rosemary will be conducting advocacy work with schools, organisations and businesses; she will conduct research focused on identifying the orientation and mobility practitioner/school learners ratio; and raise awareness around the plight of visually impaired people in South Africa, while doing some fund-raising tasks.

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