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Yushene Rajkuar

Yushene  Rajkuar

Charity: Women and Men Against Child Abuse

Yushene, who volunteers at Women and Men Against Child Abuse in Boksburg, Gauteng, says that it was her love and commitment to children, which led her to become part of Vodacom Change the World programme.

In her first year on the programme her role was Court Case Manager where she was overseeing the cases, assessing them and she was also involved in the court proceedings. She will now be working as a Training and Development Manager at the organisation.

She holds a BA in psychology, has been a counsellor for the South African Depression Group as well as a junior counsellor at the Wits Community Clinic. Yushene has spent the last six years volunteering at a children’s home.

Rajkuar describes herself as a young woman who is dedicated to serving and assisting vulnerable by giving them a voice.

The Women and Men Against Child Abuse organisation is committed to fighting for the rights of children and aims to bring an end to child abuse in South Africa.

The organisation has various children’s clinics around Gauteng, so that abused children can receive medical treatment, therapy and social services. “I want to thank Vodacom for this life changing journey,” she said.


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