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Kaathima Ebrahim

Kaathima  Ebrahim

Charity: SANZAF

Kaathima Ebrahim from Gauteng’s passion is to help disadvantaged children to get more access to the internet. She is of the opinion that the internet can help learners to make decisions regarding their career choices.

She will volunteer as an ICT tool developer for the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF).

According to Ebrahim young people’s access to the internet is usually limited to their mobile phones. And information on tertiary institutions is generally widespread. She said that the project will aim to bring all the information into one place.

“It will look at the interests of learners, career aspirations and bursary and funding information. The project will also be linked to schools and organisations and build a gateway between learners, tertiary education and the potential job market,” Ebrahim explained.

The tuition tool will also be used in the Vodacom Foundation Education Programme.

She has been volunteering for SANZAF since 2012. It is a faith-based, socio-welfare and educational organisation which facilitates the empowerment of disadvantaged communities. Khaathima is an engineer by training and is Vodacom’s internal employee candidate on the Change the World Programme


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