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Alta Brown

Alta Brown

Charity: Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory

Alta hopes that her work at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, will make South Africans realise, that everyone needs to contribute to help build the new nation which Mandela envisioned.

She is an events and project manager and developed a love for charity work when she managed the Bikers for Mandela Day national ride.

“I hope that South Africans will realise that we all should contribute our time and skills in order to help build Nelson Mandela’s new envisioned nation,” she said.

At the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory Brown will be involved in the organisation’s container library projects, book collection drive, the ‘Walk the Talk’ computer collection for libraries. As well as the ‘Bikers for Mandela’ project in Gauteng and Polokwane.

She is also an avid Harley Davidson fan and former Vodacom employee.

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