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Linda Louw

Linda  Louw

Charity: Business Against Crime (BAC) Northern Cape

When Linda became a volunteer at BAC, her aim was to draw attention to the problem with street children, help the community to become better equipped to do something about it and show them that behind the glue and need for survival, they are still children who need protection and love. Linda tackled this by completely restructuring the Homeless/Street Children Project through developing strategies and performance measurement processes, which allowed outreach workers to see the bigger picture for the first time and to understand the important role they play in the children’s lives. However, Linda quickly came to realize that this was only one need that the community had. One of her many community projects has been the initiation of the Soup Bricks project where she mobilised members of the community to make soup which is then distributed with a packet of micronutrients, adding 28 nutrients to the soup, making it a healthy meal. Partnering with Basil Krandorff, founder of e’Pap – pre-cooked food containing highly absorbable vitamins – resulted in an invitation for Basil to speak at the White House about Soup Bricks and now the project has been implemented in India. “The Change the World initiative is a wonderful project because it has touched and changed so many lives and I am proud that I grabbed the opportunity when it was offered as I have achieved more than even I envisaged.”

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