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Yvonne Eskell Klagsbrun

Yvonne Eskell  Klagsbrun

Charity: Waterberg Waves Society

During  her time at WWS, Yvonne witnessed many sick, poor and sad children, children living in inhumane conditions, those just wanting shoes for Christmas and orphaned children needing comfort because they don’t have a home. It was seeing this that motivated Yvonne to do her utmost to raise funds for the organisation which assists people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Through building relationships with donors and sourcing funds from local trusts, the foreign development agencies and the South African corporate sector, Yvonne has raise R1.2 million, with further proposals that need to be finalised which will bring in even more funding. The money will be used to assist WWS in providing anti-retroviral therapy, a social support network and empowering the youth population. “One of my highlights has been the set up of Waterberg Waves, a community radio station which aims to support dialogue about HIV/AIDS and encourage behavioural change through education and dispelling myths via mediums like radio dramas. It also serves as a platform for local musical groups to showcase their talent. But even more so, I have enjoyed watching how WWS changes lives. I have seen how the small act of giving someone an opportunity can transform them into self-determining individuals and leaders within the community.”

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