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Keith Wimble

Keith  Wimble

Charity: Ikamva Labantu

Keith encountered a grim picture when he drove through Khayelitsha. “Litter is piled high, drains are blocked, contaminated water pools in the streets and children play in these pools, food is prepared over open fires on the streets and many homes are without sanitation and running water.” Keith was determined to address these issues and has established a health care curriculum and training, which resulted in 1452 delegates being trained, while Health Days were organised where community members could attend health-related talks. He brought the issue of sanitation, especially in schools, to the attention of government departments and brought various NGO’s and departments together to ensure that all could work towards a collective vision for the community.

Other achievements include training the local police in preventing post traumatic stress disorder, ensuring health records of children involved with Ikamva Lambantu were up to date and identifying children needing speech and hearing therapy. “The highlight of my year would definitely be the opening of the Enkululekweni Wellness Center. Despite challenges and delays, it turned out to all go smoothly and the centre has become a significant establishment for providing services to the community.”

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