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Nicky Joubert

Nicky  Joubert

Charity: ABCA

Looking back at July I sigh! What a relief to see things come together.

I have had highs and lows this July.  The routine medical clinics went on daily and the residents appear happy with service delivery. Preline Campher, my champion, and myself had a full schedule preparing for Mandela day on the 19th July. Preparations started way in advance and a team of workers face lifted the Eleanor Murray Hall by painting the ceiling and the walls. The workers did a stunning job. I pushed my luck by asking that they do the entrance passage as well as the foyer and Preline did not hesitate with the organising for it to be done! 
She also went on a shopping spree and bought curtains, mirrors, tablecloths, wall decorations and tiebacks.

On the 19th July Vodacom treated the elderly with a braai and entertainment. I launched my first Medical Fatchat Newsletter on the 19th and the day was a huge success.

The Golden Games took place on the 26 July  and all 97 participants of ABCA enjoyed themselves. The Golden Games was founded in 2008 by the Social development of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture who entered into a partnership agreement to implement the “Eastern Cape Golden Games”.

The Golden Games are also initiated to uplift the quality of life of older persons and their families, as well as promoting awareness programs on the physical, recreational activities and safety.

The  program is in keeping with the new approach to ageing that is holistic, positive and promotes the full participation of older persons in the development processes. It further promotes self representation and active participation in decision making and recognizing ageing as a normal phase of life.

Objective of the Golden Games are:

  • To Promote intergenerational Bonding
  • To embrace active ageing
  • To create awareness of the socio – cultural needs of the older persons
  • To promote sectoral integration
  • To expand horizons for the older persons

The Golden Games have taken place in seven districts within the Eastern Cape and has built up a provincial event that takes place yearly which leads up to an interprovincial event in the Western Cape ( Cape Town) where 106 older people represented our province.

The weather in Port Elizabeth is very extreme and has been the wettest in many years. The Carers in Buffelsfontein Village were in need of waterproof shoes and I was overwhelmed by a patron who thanked me for her beautifull orange, rubber, Wellintons!  A thankful carer with dry feet…. Thanks Vodacom!

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