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Mpolokeng Kambule

Mpolokeng  Kambule

Charity: NBZ, TKL

What an exciting month July was.  We kicked it off with the school holiday programme.  This was a first in Itireleng and the children and the community at large were very excited. The purpose was to keep the children safe and active during the June holidays.  It took place from 02 to 06 July 2012.  The activities started daily at 10h00 and finished at 16h30 and 367 children benefitted from it. Even though the children enjoyed netball, the “Amazing Race” and “You think you can dance”, the indigenous games took the cup. The community was involved and actively participated in the planned activities and in preparing refreshments for the children.  The also played a major role in taking care of the children during the activities and ensured that they arrived safely home.

We also invited Es’kia Mphahlele Library from Pretoria to grace our event by educating the community and children about their services.  They spent half a day educating children and adults about their services and how they will benefit them.  A letter has been sent to the library to have them come into the community at least once a week.  This will benefit the school children when they do their homework and the adults that are studying will make use of this service. The other benefit or outcome of the school holiday is that Itireleng will have youth activities running permanently and a netball team will be launched on 11 August 2012.

The groups for Parenting Skills have started with the sessions and the attendance is picking up.  The co-ordinators meet with the project manager an hour before the sessions to ensure that they understand what has to be done.  They meet once a week, Wednesdays at 14h30 and 15h00 respectively with the group.  The project manager also ensures that they have all the material they need for the sessions.

The work on the community health centre has commenced.  The cleaner and nurse posts were re-advertised and interviews were conducted.  The appointments will be done soon.  We will be operating from a bus that is currently not well placed and needs to be moved.  We are busy negotiating with the municipality to assist with the movement of the bus to a more suitable position.

The awareness campaign took place on 06 July 2012 as planned.  The department of Home Affairs and Sassa were present and they imparted a lot of information to the community.  Home Affairs also took applications for Identity Documents and Birth certificates.  A total number of 39 people were assisted and 05 have already received their birth certificates and 01 a death certificate of his mother.  The rest of the applicants had to go to their offices for interviews.  Ten (10) applicants have confirmed that they have already been interviewed and they are awaiting their Id’s.

Other exciting activities for the month include my participation with the Vodacom team that celebrated Mandela Day at Kingdom Life in Atteridgeville on 17 July 2012.  This was a full day activity where we painted the walls, did the laundry and ironing, washed the dishes and assisted with peeling the vegetables.  I was also afford a fantastic opportunity for a radio interview with Radio 2000 on 18 July 2012 talking about the Change the World programme and what motivated me to apply and be a part of this wonderful opportunity.  The interview and photo shoot with Sunday Times for the article that appeared on their paper on 15 July 2012, was another highlight of the month.  We have finally moved our office to Itireleng and are reporting there on a fulltime basis.  The office needed a few items to make our stay there bearable.  A few items have been purchased and the office is operating better.

The planning for sports day to celebrate International Youth Day and launch the activities for the youth continued and it will take place on 11 August 2012.  We have identified the sporting codes that will participate on this day. 

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