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Linda Brash

Linda  Brash

Charity: Linda Brash, TSiBA

Just because it has been extremely cold and wet in the Mother City – it doesn’t mean our marketing efforts have slowed down!  I was extremely happy to complete TSiBA’s first ever Brand Guidelines manual this month.  Brand Guidelines are the strategic key statements, which provide a guideline for the strategic handling of the brand by all stakeholders.  A Brand Guidelines document explains how to implement the brand’s communications architecture and anyone developing communication material for the brand should follow the brand guidelines.  Building a strong brand is all about consistency – and we are hoping to make the TSiBA brand even more powerful and recognisable with this document.
TSiBA was proud to host the 2012 team from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.  This year marks the fifth year since the partnership began in 2008.   The Northeastern students were in Cape Town for a two-week programme, where they had the opportunity to work closely with entrepreneurs and small to medium size enterprises, helping them grow and develop.  Throughout the two week programme, groups of four to five students worked together to improve the entrepreneur’s business. Before the programme began, TSiBA’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA2) students and Northeastern’s business students were provided with profiles of the entrepreneurs which detailed their particular business and the specific project they would like the consulting team to complete. The projects ranged from creating a marketing strategy, to setting up a financial administration system. In the past, students have also built websites and developed a product cost analysis for the entrepreneur.   To date, the programme has worked with over 70 entrepreneurs.  Northeastern University is a pioneer in cooperative higher education which enables students to put lessons learned from the classroom into practice in the field. At TSiBA, we applaud their commitment to inspiring change in the world!

On Friday 20 July, I was very fortunate enough to experience TSiBA’s biggest graduation ceremony with 31 graduates receiving their Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership.  We had extra special guest speaker, Minister Trevor Manuel, giving the graduates some food for thought as they embark on the next chapter in their lives.  Each graduate was capped by Professor Fatima Abrahams, TSiBA’s chairperson, whilst Adri Marais, TSiBA’s CEO, shared some appreciations for each graduate.  The appreciations really added that something extra as it became clear just how many challenges some students have faced in reaching their goal.  TSiBA now has a total of 77 graduates out in the world.  To think that these graduates will add R5.5bn to the economy between now and when they are 60 years old, is simply phenomenal.  The event was co-ordinated by Ntombiza Lingani; TSiBA’s marketing co-ordinator and a TSiBA graduate herself.  She wanted to give a little something back to fellow TSiBA graduates by giving them a graduation they would always remember. And she did just that… with a Marimba band, singer Bukiwe Zinganto, two MCs and a National Planning Commission Minister!

In terms of media exposure, we were lucky enough to be featured twice in the Sunday Times – one of our graduates, Gaynor Bosman, was profiled and we had another article about TSiBA’s involvement with the Vodacom Change the World (CtW) programme!  I’ve also been regularly updating our press office on Biz Community to keep everyone in the loop with our latest news and events.

Strategically speaking, I have been working closely with our Recruitment Officer, Bethwill Cloete, as we are pushing to exceed all expectations and get a record number of applications in to study with us in 2013.  We have an Open Day on 25 August at our Cape Town campus and I’m hoping to get Bethwill onto local radio stations and in local media so he can spread the word far and wide.  I’ve also been working on an exciting new education offering that TSiBA will be introducing in 2013.  It is a Post Graduate qualification and that is all I can say for now but keep watching this space!

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