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Jackina Mello

Jackina  Mello

Charity: Executive Summary

As the Winter season is in full swing, I could only think of those child headed families facing the chill weather without adequate clothing, blankets or worse, proper shelter and food. Ndlovu Care Group received donations from Netherlands (clothing), Rotary Club (blankets) and Stop Hunger Now (dry food). These are going to make a big difference in these families and help beat the Winter blues. Three families possibly eligible for the housing project have been added on to this list. Follow-up visits and continous assessments have been undertaken in some of these families. Some family members have been refereed to our nutritional units, crèche, doctors.

My duties continue to be done, with the assistance of colleagues. Training with lifeskills facilitators focused on sexuality, gender roles, puberty, male circumcision, teenage pregnancy and contraception. We have requested permission from the two local secondary schools to start implementing the school health program when learners resume their classes after winter school holidays. Our focus will be on Grade 10 learners as they reach an adolescent stage and need correct information on health and lifeskills to deal with a lot of issues like peer pressure and experimentation. Mentoring lifeskills facilitators in implementation of puppet shows is ongoing, though it has temporarily stopped due to school holidays.

The HIV Counselling and Testing counsellors serve the patients with good conduct and ethics, due to the training they had and continue to get. This month’s training was on the standard operating procedures on HAART.  This was a reminder on appropriate steps/procedures to be followed with HAART patients. Psychosocial support is ongoing for HAART patients and staff.

The highlight of the month was participating in the packaging of dry food with Stop Hunger Now, arranged by Vodacom, in Pretoria. It was rewarding to know that each pack will decrease hunger pangs in children’s lives. It was a pleasure to pack food with celebrities like rugby players and soccer players. I thought my job as a sealer was easy until my back ached and I was pleading to switch roles with a rugby player.

Vodacom Nelspruit welcomed me with open arms during a plenary meeting for the Mandela Day. They were given a brief presentation about NCG and the social worker’s responsibilities.  A lot of good ideas came up during brainstorming, about activities to do during Mandela Day.
Though some of our goals might not have been achieved yet, I am inspired by the team spirit, desire to help the needy and Vodacom’s initiative to invest in social returns for the community.

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