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Vodacom Group is a leading African mobile communications company that operates in over 40 countries

The holiday programme during the first half of July was a huge success. Activities included ten pin bowling and games such as badminton and table tennis as well as archery. Trips to the national museum, botanical gardens, arts festival and movies provided for much excitement and a well-rounded holiday experience.

On the first day of the new semester a tremendous surprises awaited all the residents of the Free State Residential Care Centre. Vodacom treated everyone to a breakfast at the local Spur as part of their Mandela Day celebration and donating 67 minutes of their time and skills. Interstate Bus lines kindly provided the transport and Vodacom staff served 150 residents with a delicious breakfast thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Thereafter the Toyota Cheetahs and Vodacom staff entertained the residents at the Free State Residential Care Centre. Steven Swarts from Vodacom handed over a new soccer kit and chairs while the Toyota Cheetahs signed autographs and gave away memorabilia. A soccer game between the Centre and Vodacom ended in a nerve wrecking draw. The day’s proceedings were captured by the makers of the Cheetah Chase program, due to be broadcast on Super Sport.  The Vodacom gig rig provided entertainment and a festive atmosphere. At the end of the day Vodacom staff enthusiastically donated more than 6 hours of their time and the residents had a day that in their own words ‘’we will never forget’’!

The floor for the work shop expansion project has been completed and the new area is now in use much to the delight of the workers needing extra space for the handy work. I am in the process of developing two new products in an attempt to increase revenue for the centre. After completion I will focus on promoting these products and finding new markets.

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