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Michael Stevens

Michael  Stevens

Charity: Jumping Kids Prosthetics Fund


I’m a 33-year-old graduate of corporate communications. I majored in marketing and publications and completed my postgraduate studies in business administration at Wits Business School.  I’m a lower limb double amputee as a result of sustaining a 33,000-volt electrocution when I was 12. I know all too well about the personal challenges and financial costs involved in attempting to walk again which is why I chose to volunteer through the Vodacom Change the World initiative at Jumping Kids. I believe this initiative is an unmissable opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ and educate the greater public about what it means in real terms to lose a lower limb.

My Projects:

  • Step-Up 500
  • Warrior Race Series
  • The Jumping Kids Golf day at The Els Club copper Leaf
  • The Celebrity Cycle Tour
  • The blades project

My Background:

  • Involved in electrical accident in 1992, aged 12
  • Suffered 3rd degree burns to 70% of his body
  • Lower limb double amputee as a result of accident
  • Over 50 operations before I was 14 years old.
  • Was told I’d never walk, couldn’t cope with normal school and in court documents referred to by doctors and other educated professionals as a man with no legs and gross bodily deformations. Who could not be expected to gain work requiring any physicality or customer interaction. A person of limited opportunities.
  • Went back to my mainstream school
  • By 16 was walking and fully mobile.
  • In 1999 back packed around Europe, New York and the Caribbean
  • Graduated with distinction from University
  • Number 1 in the BMW graduate program
  • Back packed around the world in 2006
  • Youngest sales manager in the BMW and Barlow group 2007
  • Started own property investment business in 2009
  • Put it all on hold to change the world in 2013!

More about Jumping Kids:

  • Prosthetic Fund to supply and maintain lower limb prosthetics for children aged 1-18 years.
  • Beneficiaries are mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Organisation aims to tackle the high cost of quality prosthetic solutions and grow to be a centre of excellence for child amputation, rehabilitation and prosthetic solutions.
  • Jumping Kids aims to identify, evaluate & select candidates and commit to their prosthetics for three-years
  • They aim to provide beneficiaries with :
    - standard leg
    - sports leg
    - new socket annually
    - walking training
    - physiotherapy
    - sporting opportunities

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