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Naazneen Tarmohamed

Naazneen  Tarmohamed

Charity: Afrika Tikkun


I’m a 27-year-old accountant from Gauteng.  I have worked in the finance division of Vodacom for eight years. I have been a regular Vodacom staff volunteer and have taken part in many volunteering initiatives over the years. As a Vodacom Change the World volunteer in 2013, I have chosen Afrika Tikkun as my non-profit organisation because their main objective is to build a sustainable future for children in South African townships and I believe that a better South African society tomorrow needs to start with children today. During my time with Afrika Tikkun, I’m hoping to streamline the NPO’s finance department by developing more efficient finance control systems and training its staff with a view to leaving behind a sustainable and easy-to-use finance system - allowing the staff to be independent and to have the time to carry out their great community work.

My Projects:

  • Financial Department
    - Main project is to help Afrika Tikkun turn around their financial department
    - I have developed new payment systems and hopes to improve the organisation’s debits book by 80% by the end of my 12 months with them
  • Fundraising
    - Even though this was not in the original plan, I have stepped up and I am helping where I can with fundraising.
  • Mandela Day 2013
    - Food Bin Project at Afrika Tikkun’s Uthando Centre in Braampark
  •  Annual Sports Day between the four centres in Johannesburg
  • Belron/Carglass triathletes
  • Walk the Talk

My Background:

  • Accountant from Gauteng
  • In the process of completing my BComm in financial management
  • Have worked in finance for Vodacom for the past  8 years 
  • Have been a member of Vodacom Yebo Heroes
  • Have taken part in many volunteering initiatives  
  • Love travelling to places rich in history and culture, as well as keeping fit by running and swimming 
  • Is always ready for a new adventure

More about Afrika Tikkun:

  • Afrika Tikkun is dedicated to investing in education, health and social services for children, youth and their families through its Centres of Excellence and strategic partnerships
  • It aims to empower communities to develop new generations of productive citizens and this is achieved through a Holistic Development Model delivered from purpose-built Centres of Excellence within the townships in which it operates
  • To give underprivileged children a solid start in life, Afrika Tikkun has identified certain core needs that must be met. They are:
    - Early childhood development
    - Child and youth development
    - Nutrition and food security
    - Primary health care
    - Family support services
    - Children with disabilities
    - Enterprise and skills development
  • The essentials that Afrika Tikkun provides address the educational, health and social needs of children as they are growing and developing, giving them the opportunity to grow into well-rounded adults who are equipped to positively contribute to society


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