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Taryn Yeoman

Taryn  Yeoman

Charity: LifeLine Ekurhuleni


I am a registered trauma counsellor who holds a BA (Hons) in psychology. I’ve chosen Lifeline Ekurhuleni as my organisation for Vodacom Change the World. I’ve worked with the organisation since 2009, doing telephone and face-face counselling and assisting with the training of new counsellors. I hope to expand the reach and impact of its services through ensuring the continued training and development of counsellors. I also hope to create an image in the public that is welcoming and accessible, particularly in the eyes of young people who are facing issues such as depression and anxiety and to encourage them to seek help.

My Projects:

  • Counsellor management and care
    - Management of telephonic and face-to-face counselling services and duty roster
    - Oversee the training and counselling activities of approximately 35 volunteers
    - Debriefing and care for Counsellors
  •  Corporate trauma debriefing
    - Developed and implemented corporate trauma debriefing procedure and formats
    - Arrangement of all corporate trauma debriefings
    - Participation in trauma counselling services
  • Involvement in counseling services
    - Telephonic counselling
    - Face-to-face counselling
    - Corporate counselling and trauma debriefing
  • Awareness talks at schools about the organisation
  • Teachers workshops: emotional wellness, basic counselling skills and identifying signs of depression and suicidal behavior in learners
  • Awareness and educational talks open to the public on topics such as communication and conflict resolution, stress and anger management, as well as coping with HIV

My Background:

  • Volunteer counsellor who holds a BA (Hons) in psychology
  • Completed an internship in trauma counselling, equivalent to a BA psychology
  • Wrote my HPCSA board exams in June to become a registered trauma counsellor
  • Have volunteered for LifeLine Ekurhuleni since 2009 -giving of my time, doing telephone and face-to-face counselling and assisting with the training of new counsellors

More about LifeLine Ekurhuleni:

  • LifeLine Ekurhuleni provides 24-hour telephone counselling and skills for the healing and transformation of individuals and communities
  • LifeLine Ekurhuleni’s focus has been on social developmental and public health counselling
  • It reaches over 10,000 individuals with its services directly and a further 67,071 through its community outreach programmes
  • It aims to:
    - Engage communities and the individuals within them in active dialogue and participation
    - Seek an understanding of each community
    - Stimulate growth for individuals and communities by providing expert training and facilitating dialogue
    - Support sustainable social change and emotional wellness within communities
    - Provide accessible, free and confidential counselling services

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