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Casey Bieldt

Casey Bieldt

The 31-year-old Casey Bieldt who has been selected as a one of the Vodacom Change the World (CtW) programme volunteers for 2017/2018.

Casey enjoys working with children and is a qualified educator that focuses on children with special educational needs and is an (AAC) practitioner. She will be volunteering her time and skills for a year at Interface Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN).

Interface KZN is a non-profit organisation (NPO) that helps both adults and children with little or no functional speech to find alternative methods of communicating.

Casey will join Interface KZN as an AAC practitioner and will take part in a number of projects such as an outreach project in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, adult and children communication circles and school training workshops.

Casey says she believes that the work that Interface KZN does is life changing - not only for the children learning to communicate - but also to their parents, caregivers, teachers and the rest of the community.

“I am excited to contribute to these changes by working for Interface KZN this year,” says Casey.

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