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Nandi Ndindwa

Nandi  Ndindwa

Running enthusiast, Nandi Ndindwa, has completing the Comrades Marathon on her bucket list.

Before running  Comrades, Nandi (32) will dedicate her time and skills for year at the Grace Help Centre in Mooinooi, North West, to help run the race to make a difference in communities.

Nandi hails from the Eastern Cape and is a qualified Microbiologist.

At the Grace Help Centre, Nandi will apply her interest in social entrepreneurship, politics, religion (spirituality) and physical training to work as an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Project Manager, helping teach school-going children and women basic computer literacy. She will also create an enabling platform for economic empowerment through job applications and/or small business development for women in particular.

Nandi is looking forward to being part of what she describes as a revolutionary programme.

“My personal experience of being in a needy position amplified the hunger for change not just for myself, but for others in similar situations. It opened up my eyes to the reality of those living in poverty. I got to taste its bitterness,” she says.

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