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Rinkie Leshilo

Rinkie  Leshilo

25-year-old Rinkie Leshilo from the Capital City, Pretoria.

Rinkie, who loves reading novels and writing fictional stories, has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health Science and Social Services (Sociology) from University of South Africa. Rinkie has elected to dedicate her time and skills for a year at the South African National Council for the Blind where she will work as a Facilitator at the non-profit organisation in Pretoria. The South African National Council for the Blind has established Optima College as a training facility of the organisation.

It provides training to visually impaired and partially sighted people who are in need of independence or work related skills. The organisation enables person to maximise their potential and to function as independently as possible by using a comprehensive assessment process to identify their training needs and then applying an individualised training approach.

At the South African National Council for the Blind, Rinke plans to facilitate the passing on of computer skills to both unemployed and employed learners. Rinkie will also assist as a researcher.

Rinkie says she always wanted to be part of a programme that helps shifts mindsets by leading change that will enable more people to consider empowerment as something within themselves and not something to be told.

She says:  “My vision for South Africa is all about making a difference, making a change and making an impact not only to my life but the people around me. I also wanted to see my skills and expertise being part of developing and educating the community which would motivate more people  to engage in helping people function the best they can in their environment. Therefore CtW became my stepping forward to achieving my vision.”

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