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Conn Bertish

Conn  Bertish

Charity: People Living with Cancer and the Cancer Dojo

Conn is an accomplished creative director from the advertising industry with a BSocSci Degree and has won numerous international accolades for his creative strategy and conceptual work.  He is a master copy writer and digital marketer.

Conn is also a brain cancer survivor who found an innovative creative way to help him beat brain cancer in 2013.  The approach, named Dojo Thinking, harnesses the powerful science of psychoneuroimmunology, creativity and technology to empower people facing cancer to engender a more positive cancer outcome.

Dojo thinking has in the last 12 months generated support from a large number of doctors, oncologists, hospitals, medi-clinics, professors of science, oncology, paediatric oncology and psychology.

All have urged him to further share these thinking tools with others facing the worlds’ most feared disease. He sees this as his purpose in life.

Conn will be continuing a second term as a Vodacom Change the World volunteer as a Creative Director for People Living with Cancer and the CancerDojo.

PLWC was established in 2002 by Carl Liebenberg and Linda Greeff, both of whom are cancer survivors.  In the formative years of the organisation the focus was on establishing a peer-to-peer cancer support program. Over time PLWC has developed a broader perspective and now finds its role as an umbrella organisation responsible for many cancer-related projects that find synergy in working together in a complementary and creative manner, overseen by a management group drawn from these projects.

In this, his second term, Conn will be focused on:

  • Creating the 2nd version of the Cancer Dojo / PLWC mobile application - This second phase of the app will enable true scale of the first version, whereby they'll literally get the app into the hands of people facing the disease, who need it most.
  • Creating greater national awareness of Cancer Dojo / PLWC's projects - their media partners and fans are growing at an exponential rate and the project is being broadcast across multiple regions and countries. They need to now harness these hard earned connections to garner a much larger audience in need.
  • Increase their digital and social media footprint and fan base by empowering individuals, media groups and brands with the physical tools, techniques and digital content that will help them further the dojo movement.
  • Launch a Johannesburg Soccer Team of cancer survivors from the townships to debunk the myth that cancer is a killer.

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