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Elanie Jacobs

Elanie  Jacobs

Charity: PATCH - Helderberg Child Abuse Centre, Western Cape

Elanie is a single mom of 2.  She holds B Soc Sci (Psychology) Honours degree and is in the process of completing the MSW Forensic Practice.  She has been trained in Assessments and Therapy of Child Trauma.

Elanie will be working as an Auxiliary Service Co-ordinator at PATCH – Helderberg Child Abuse Centre.

PATCH / Helderberg Child Abuse Centre was established in 1992. Due to the high incidence of child sexual abuse, it was decided to change the focus of the organisation in 2000 to specialise in addressing this scourge. At this time, Child Welfare was established in the Helderberg and incorporated all other abuse-related cases, leaving PATCH to deal exclusively in child sexual abuse cases.

PATCH has six offices in the Helderberg Basin, forming part of the Cape Metropole, where assessments and therapy is offered to child victims of sexual abuse. This is done by qualified social workers and counsellors who reside in the community served by PATCH. 

They have a 24-hour crisis centre at the local Government hospital, where children are supported by means of the hospital’s medico-legal examination team in cases of rape.

They aim to support all child victims of sexual abuse in the Helderberg and prevent incidences of this despicable crime.

Elanie will be providing the following support:

  • Medical Support Project - Arranging of HIV Blood tests for clients who have reported cases of abuse within the 72 hour window period as well as medical examinations.
  • Court support Project - Following up on court dates, court cases and assisting the clients who have criminal cases. Liaising between parents and the legal system to minimise secondary trauma.
  • Therapeutic Project - To assist in providing a counselling service to child victims of sexual abuse. The positive difference made to the organisation will be that up to 100 child victims of sexual abuse will receive the free, therapeutic treatment needed in order to deal with the trauma of having been raped or sexually abused.
  • Training and mentoring – Ensure sustainability of project by training and mentoring the social workers.


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