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Bheki Mchunu

Bheki  Mchunu

Charity: Siyavuna Abalimi Development Centre, KZN

Bheki holds Master’s degree in Economic History and Development Studies as well as a BA (Hons) in History.  He boasts eight years’ experience in rural development where he has worked as a social development manager, two years as a Director in a government department and over 10 years working across various sectors, including higher education, NGO, multilateral institutions and development funding.

He will be working as a Marketing Manager at the Siyavuna Abalimi Development Centre.

Siyavuna Abalimi Development Centre focusses on development of small scale farmers so they can participate in organic farming. This they do by empowering them with technical skills, business skills and market access. The training prepares them so they can contribute in uplifting rural communities and fast-track the development of rural economies.

Given the nature of this NPOs work, Bheki’s project will be focused on the following three areas:

  • Logistics Management - to manage logistics of produce collections and sales, design an efficient, cost saving route planning and monitor use of project facilities and equipment;
  • Stock Quality Control - monitoring effective implementation of stock control systems, work towards reducing write-offs, ensure price benchmarking on a monthly basis, enhance communication with farmer structures;
  • Brand Marketing - to engage with existing and potential customers to help promote the organisation's brand, coordinate the demand and supply, enhance brand development and monitor development and use of organisational brand material.

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