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Colvin Snell

Colvin  Snell

Charity: Elohim Outreach International, Western Cape

Colvin has a RAU Marketing Diploma and a MDP with Stellenbosh Graduate Business School. He is a family man with three children. He was raised by a single parent, when his mother fell pregnant at the age of 15. She taught him that anything is possible if you work hard and do good. He has been in the banking industry for the past 21 years, 13 of which has been in various management roles.

He has been volunteering for Elohim Outreach International for almost 10 years and will now be working for them as a Program and Brand Manager.

Elohim Outreach International focuses on:

  • Life Skills and Entrepreneurial Skills Development and Coaching.
  • Training and upskilling communities in shorter, more attainable training outcomes, including hairdressing and barber training.  Members of the community are not able to attend three year courses as their situations are too dire.

Colvin will be focused on the following projects:

  • Youth Development Coaching - Role models are always a challenge in vulnerable areas. Either both parents are at work because they need every cent to make ends meet or no one is employed, both scenarios open doors for youth not being able to see past the struggles or challenges of their parents’ life and the easiest way out at times is gangsterism, drugs, prostitution or crime. Having a place and someone they can come to for guidance, offering alternatives for them can change not just one young person, but everyone he is connected to and later on benefits the household, then the community;
  • Coaching of small and start-up businesses from youth and women entrepreneurs.  To be a one stop advisor, guide those who wish to pursue their dream of starting a business.  He will also assess business plans and link candidates to resources to help them further.
  • Counselling - The lack of a people to listen and guide is a vital need

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