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Letumile Matloga

Letumile  Matloga

Charity: Khudugane Community Home Based Care

Letumile holds a Bachelor degree in Social Work.  She will be working as a social worker at Khudugane Community Home Based Care in the Roerfontein Village, Limpopo Province.

Khudugane Community Home-based Care works very closely with the community and provides social, emotional and psychological support for people who are infected and affected by HIV/Aids.

Practitioners in this NPO need to be capacitated by a qualified Social Worker with the necessary skills in order to initiate sustainable projects for their clients. Availability of a full time social worker will give Khudugane Home-Based Care practitioners motivation, strength, support and a drive to not lose hope in their volunteer work.

Letumile will be focused on the following goals:

  • Prevention:  She will initiate and facilitate campaigns and workshops aimed at preventing the spread of HIV/aids. She plans to organise with the Department of Health and other stakeholders to raise awareness (HIV/Aids education) on the prevention of HIV/Aids.
  • Early intervention:  This goal will be directed towards counselling people who are diagnosed with HIV/Aids, to help them cope.
  • Continuing Care and Health Promotion:  People who are infected with HIV/Aids will be linked with community health care facilities to get their medication. A community garden will be initiated that will produce fresh vegetables so that people living with HIV/Aids can eat healthy food.

She also plans to conduct home visits to monitor the progress of people living with HIV/Aids.

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Tuesday, 23rd August 2016