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Chrissie Kritzinger

Chrissie  Kritzinger

Charity: iThemba Projects, Sweetwaters (Mpumuza), KZN

Chrissie holds a B Prim Ed (pre-primary), B Ed Psych and is an experienced pre-school teacher. She’s worked as a principal of a pre-school and has also written 11 books, focussed on children’s ministry programmes. She co-developed and presented courses on children's ministry to pre-schoolers.

She has been working with NGO's in disadvantaged communities for 23 years and has extensive experience, knowledge and skills in ECD, management, training, fundraising, marketing and curriculum development.

Chrissie has been selected for a second term on the Vodacom Change the World programme and will be continuing her work as an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme Developer at iThemba Projects in Mpumuza.

iThemba Projects partners with the people of Sweetwaters (Mpumuza), to transform a generation of kids and teens through education and mentoring so that they may bring hope to their communities, and leading lights all over South Africa.

They're passionate about working together in a sustainable way, linking different communities and bridging the social and economic divisions created by our past. They're passionate about holistic community development: social, material, emotional and spiritual aspects.
Chrissie’s projects will continue to provide children in Sweetwaters access to quality ECD by:

  • Facilitating and expanding non-centre based ECD programmes. As this area lacks an adequate number of ECD centres, ECD is brought to where the children are, through a home stimulation programme, pop-up playgroups as well as a toy library. She will develop curriculum, leading and training staff as well as fundraising.
  • Expanding the ECD Centre of Excellence. Having set up iThemba preschool in 2015, she will continue to mentor teachers.
  • They are also ready to expand the Centre of Excellence to be a hub where local teachers can borrow from their toy and resource library, see quality ECD modelled, and receive training and support, thus impacting the entire surrounding community of 5000 children aged 0-5. Facilitate the use of ICT to optimise management of the expanded toy library.
  • Research, Monitoring and Evaluation. Facilitating and assisting in research on the ECD programmes in Sweetwaters, as well as the monitoring and evaluation that will enable them to better serve the community. Facilitating the use of ICT for data-gathering and influence strategies in homes, schools and community.


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