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Spending Mandela day tackling issues of HIV/AIDS

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Letumile  Matloga
Spending Mandela day tackling issues of HIV/AIDS
By: Letumile Matloga
Published: Tuesday, 23rd August 2016

Some people don’t want to mention it by name. Some still don’t accept that they are infected. People who live in families that are affected by HIV/AIDS need support. Life in the rural areas is different from that in the cities. Some people in the rural areas associate HIV/AIDS only with death. When they hear “HIV/AIDS” they only think “death”. People who are living with HIV/AIDS are referred to as “those who have modern diseases”. However, some people lighten up when they realise that in whatever situation they thought they could not get out, at least someone is bringing hope that actually things might change for the better. I have come to realise that homes don’t define people. The walls of a home might be strongly joint to each other, but find that the hearts of individuals who stay within those homes are shuttered because a family member is infected by HIV/AIDS. People who are faced with difficult life situations need support from those who have strength and courage to keep their head up in any situation. It does not matter how young, bonny, big, clean or dirty the shoulder is. Some people will welcome any helping shoulder to lean on. Many people have stopped hoping for positive changes in their lives because their struggles seem to never end. Well, I have committed myself to hold their hands and keep reminding them that, they will not struggle for a lifetime because they are not alone. My brother with HIV/AIDS is still my brother.

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