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All children need love

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Marianne Williams
All children need love
By: Marianne Williams
Published: Wednesday, 15th June 2016

All children need love. All children deserve to own their dreams… to have a purpose and live lives they love. This month our theme was, “When small dreams become big.” We are all passionate about something. My passion for helping the youth stems from personal experiences as a young adult…every morning, every night, everyday…wishing, hoping, praying for my inner being to have the courage to speak-up. Some learners are exposed to traumatic incidents. They witness shootings or stabbings, others are victims of rape or abuse…while many suffer in silence about personal problems. They have big dreams, amazing ideas and beautiful hearts but their circumstances discourage them to dream big or be the change. I was shocked to see one of the learners write, “Dreaming small means less disappointments.”  I must’ve read that sentence over and over again because this was my way of thinking 15 years ago. I strongly believe in the power of written word. This act of disclosure truly has positive affects in a persons’ life. It involves expressing yourself emotionally and therefore, I am grateful to have had the ability to create such a meaning platform for our youth to express what they feel without fear of judgement. To many people, my dream looked small…but through Vodacom Change the World I could realize my dream and make big changes in the minds of our youth!

With that said, I made it my mission to take my teams on a field trip before the end of the second term,  to show them that big dreams, no matter how small they may seem to others, YOUR DREAMS can do come true. I’ve heard so many of them mention visiting parliament is only a dream hence my determination to make this happen. I was bursting with joy seeing their faces when we entered the building and felt so much love for the hugs of gratitude I received that day. “Pinch me Miss, this feels like a dream. Some schools are just not as privileged to even have proper school and happy faces, but now we are.” Words of appreciation that I will never forget!

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