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Conn  Bertish
Google It!
By: Conn Bertish
Published: Wednesday, 1st June 2016

Whoooooop! Google is in! As of last week, Google have confirmed that they will be supporting our Imagine Your Cancer campaign which aims to place positive cancer dojo thinking content and information at the top of Google Search Results for commonly searched cancers. This is a major step for us, as it literally means we can share our message with everyone searching for information on cancer in South Africa and abroad. Google have provided us with $10 000 of free ad space per month to help achieve this! Here's to changing the cancer lexicon! And reaching everyone who needs it! Let's roll!

Fantastique! We've been invited to Speak at The famous Cannes Lions festival of creativity in France this June 2016, to share our thinking with the top international minds in health, technology and creativity. Conn will be speaking on the main stage in front of over 2000 delegates and representatives of health brands and organisations from around the globe! This is a big step for us and one more step closer to increasing the cancer survival rate, one playful mind at a time! Wish us luck. We'll carry the Vodacom Change the World banner proudly forward! Merci, Merci! And yeeeehaaaa!

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