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Marianne Williams
Change to grow
By: Marianne Williams
Published: Tuesday, 10th May 2016

It’s when we are faced with experiences that seem ‘scary’ that makes us grow. This was our main focus for April, overcoming fears and preparing for the big event at the school. Learners at Sarepta Secondary felt excited but also very anxious about interviewing HR specialist and Naspers executives from all over the world. One of our editorial team member said, “With all the hype currently happening at our school with the WeCan24 and Media24's media / food garden project, we all knew the day would come when some very important people would visit our school and it finally did. Sarepta Secondary School was bombarded with volunteers, who assisted with the gardening project, renovations made to three of our classrooms, our feeding scheme kitchen and finally, our very own media room! Of course our editorial team were involved again and this time we had to jump in and do a few interviews with the volunteers.” 

I have so much love for these learners, who show their appreciation for everything we do, no matter how small. A school that was once hoping for only a garden to feed the underprivileged learners, are now boasting with so much more. The Media 24 Group CSR Manager says they could possibly do the same at my other schools. This is amazing! 

We also continue with training sessions at Silversands High and Florida High. Learners and staff are a bit disappointed for not being chosen as a WeCan24 school to receive a media lab but I reminded them to stay positive, not to feel discouraged and still do their best. 

Sarepta Secondary’s latest edition went to print and distributed at the school with great excitement with the feature of the prefect and RCL body on the front page. We completed content for Florida and currently working towards our final submissions for Silversands. 

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