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Don't let anyone steal your dreams….theme with my teams for March.

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Marianne Williams
Don't let anyone steal your dreams….theme with my teams for March.
By: Marianne Williams
Published: Tuesday, 5th April 2016

I always have group discussions with my teams. Sometimes, it just takes someone to have faith in you to give one the courage to put yourself out there and grow to your full potential. I always remind them that opening a door is so much more than just a physical act, the doors of opportunity can open at unexpected times in our lives and we need to believe, trust and have courage in the ability to change and achieve the impossible. I never spoke about the hurt, the trauma and those moments when I felt like I was walking in an empty space and my life was like a puzzle. This journey gave me the courage to take that leap and open up the doors of my heart to share the acts of being bullied which stole a part of my life that I can never get back, BUT by telling my story I can give hope to those who are in the same situation and insight to those who are bullies. I never felt bitter, heart-sore yes ,but never bitter. Being part of such a powerful force for change, gave me the courage to stand in front of people and share my testimony, something I would never EVER have imagined I would do. I’ve changed and I am helping others to have courage to be the change.

So, the doors of opportunity opened through our collaboration with Jesse .J Saturday 12 March, a day our editorial teams will never forget! It was their first ever visit to Africa’s biggest media company, Media24. I stood in awe, watching the excitement and complete disbelief of my learners from the moment they set foot in the building. “Oh my word. Oh my word,” was the only words this talkative group could say for those first few minutes! Our aspiring journo’s participated in the WeCan24 Digital Journalism training and were given the opportunity to meet beautiful Ntsiki Mkhize, Miss SA 2015 second princess, interviewed Radio and Online Video presenter, Renaldo Schwarp and mingled with learners from different schools. They were taught the do’s and don’ts of digital journalism and received valuable tips on photography. A team made up of our learners from Florida High School and Sarepta Secondary won prizes for taking the best photograph of the day. I am super proud of them. I am grateful to Jesse, my fellow Vodacom Change the World team member and Adrie Jurgensen from Media24 for opening the doors to an opportunity they could only dream of.

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