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Our kids are Touching Hearts

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Cindy  Van Zyl
Our kids are Touching Hearts
By: Cindy Van Zyl
Published: Tuesday, 8th March 2016

Parents, teachers, facilitators and many more work closely with learners on the ASD spectrum to achieve improvement in certain areas as well as overall development. We work continuously not giving up even when it seems as if nothing is changing. Those who have been in this field of work know that if you persist, results will show themselves, but even so, when the learners reveal something new it is always a ground shaking experience. Although these achievements may seem small to some, to those working endlessly and in depth to achieve change these achievements are far greater that anything you could possibly imagine.

Recently there has been a burst of successes amongst some of the very challenging individuals at Beudene. Just the memory of these little achievements is so amazing to me that it brings tears to my eyes.  We have seen such personality improvements in two of our learners that we had to ask the parents whether there has been any changes in medication and whether they have also noticed these changes at home. The effect that this positive feedback had on parents was a very touching experience. The parents were so happy to receive confirmation of what they themselves had been experiencing at home was also occurring at school. Tears and laughter just emphasized how huge these minor changes are in the world of Autism.

We cannot tell you enough how proud we are when our learners are able to give up their snack until snack time, to sit on a chair during group gathering, to feed chips to their teacher and to the dog as a form of play, to listen to and respond accurately to instructions, to show interest in something new, to imitate and to remain calm.

Thank you to THE VODACOM FOUNDATION and THE VODACOM CHANGE THE WORLD CHALLENGE as well as Elbie and Beulah at Beudene for placing me in a position where I can touch and change lives.

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