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Early Childhood Development Activities

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Jenna-Lee  Strugnell
Early Childhood Development Activities
By: Jenna-Lee Strugnell
Published: Monday, 25th January 2016

The Tales of Turning mothers groups gathered to learn to make early childhood development toys for their children. The activities were all made from recyclable materials that can be found around the house. Donated fabric was also transformed into fun and educational toys. The mothers were enthusiastic about these activities as it gave them an opportunity to participate in their children’s education and play a role in their development. These activities also gave the mothers many opportunities to spend time with their children. In particular the mothers of blind and deaf children found it beneficial to learn how to make activities that would facilitate their children’s development. Educational activities included puzzles made from magazines and cardboard as well as threading activities made from pasta and string. These activities are vital for getting children ready for school as they develop fine and gross motor skills. Activities such as playing with homemade play dough and colouring in pictures are important for preparing children to write. If children start school without these capabilities, they are often at a disadvantage especially in large classes where teachers are not able to give them individual attention. In addition to this the mothers are given the skills to play a role in their children’s education which is empowering and strengthens the mother-child bond.

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