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Cancer Dojo / PLWC Blog post

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Conn  Bertish
Cancer Dojo / PLWC Blog post
By: Conn Bertish
Published: Monday, 7th September 2015

A whirlwind. That is the best way to explain what has happened to our small passionate organization in the last few months. We are whirling here and there, making connections, spreading the word that not only can cancer be beaten, but that your attitude and mindset can enable a more positive outcome.

This is the purpose of PLWC and Cancer Dojo - To change the way the world views cancer and assist people to play a role in their own healing, boost their own immune systems and stand a better chance of a positive outcome.

Our Vodacom Change The World Grant is powering us forward to build the tools, information, education and visual stimulus that will empower people facing cancer to become collaborators in their own healing story. And yes we are busy: having recently finished our first crowd-funding and awareness campaign which generated over R150 000 which we are ploughing into a new website build, mobile application user experience and wire-framing design. We’ve also partnered with 17 creative agencies around the world to collaborate with us to generate a large bank of cancer fighting content (visual, motion picture & sound) that we’ll be optimizing and sharing over the next few months online. So stay tuned for more exciting updates from the small cancer-fighting crew in cape town with big aspirations and a monster challenge ahead.

Follow us here @cancerdojo or or on facebook at CancerDojo or use this handy Snapscan code below: Whooop! Let’s Roll!

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