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A word of gratitude

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Dale  Skippers
A word of gratitude
By: Dale Skippers
Published: Friday, 24th July 2015

It was with great excitement that I accepted a 2nd year on the Vodacom Change the World program. When I applied, I knew the NGO needed another year to leap to another level. My 1st year on the program was awesome; we were able to get so much done. Lots of time was put into program and organisational structure. We implemented a few new projects to start our process of moving from an NPO dependent on donors to a Social Enterprise which will allow us to have bigger impact in the community we serve.

Vodacom Change the World program amazes me in so many ways. It started with working with so many people who had hearts of gold for the communities they served. The passion and drive to change the world became tangible when spending time learning about each project. Then it was the way they thought of all the little things we needed to help us adjust from a corporate to an NGO environment and the way they understood what the transition entailed. The support is great; this is definitely not a lonely journey.

My 2nd year is going to be another bumper year, with bigger goals, crazy endeavours and bigger plans than year 1. Stay tuned to hear more about this. :-)

I do however go into this 2nd year with a greater insight of how to collaborate with other volunteers in order to make greater impacts in our world. This change of view had a lot to do with the amount of work that was done in year one that now allows an easier platform to collaborate with others.

I can most definitely say that it’s not like a job where a contract is renewed and you continue doing the same work, in fact it’s quite the opposite, it’s a year of greater opportunity with brand new excitement and a whole new set of goals. I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination to be able to do what I love in the NGO that I love and to work with a community who needs love but also has so much to give :-) Thank you Vodacom CTW. A word to express my gratitude does not exist yet.

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